Harnessing social media for recruiting Horticulture and Green Industry employees

Social recruiting has become an incredibly powerful and insightful tactic for eyeing and hiring the very best candidates for specific Green Industry jobs and related fields today. Though we tend to think of social media as a one-way street for everyday individuals to follow their favorite brands and communicate with friends, social media actually offers just as many recruiting tools and resources for employers as it does for the applicants.

Many companies today have discovered that their most-skilled prospects don’t apply for jobs traditionally anymore, and can be found interacting with high-level industry players on social media platforms. They can even be found writing their own researched pieces and publishing them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and blogs around the Internet.

Here are a few tips for you as the employer to get your hands on the very best millennial talent out there:

1. Real-time video marketing:

Social media provides us with a valuable ability to give interested followers a look at the inside operation. By using Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories, horticultural businesses can upload fleeting video clips and photos that tell prospective candidates about the work environment and company culture. The more time you spend in providing this kind of transparency, the more millennials will take notice and begin to competitively apply to be a part of that “young and hip” operation.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has essentially solidified itself as the official professional social media platform where people interact with businesses, future employers, coworkers, and industry elites. LinkedIn enables anyone to publish their own articles, follow a business or brand, and even message individuals they are not connected to.

As an employment recruiter, you should be utilizing LinkedIn to connect with the top tiered prospects from local colleges. Send these students and applicants’ messages, invite them in for a company tour, and even offer up interning opportunities. LinkedIn is a virtual resume, so use it to your advantage and start combing through the kinds of employees you want to hire.

3. Make Executive social media profiles:

If the CEO, COO, Upper Managers, etc. of your company do not have social media profiles, you need to make them ASAP. Applicants feverishly search for the higher elite profiles at a company, and will reach out to them with messages, documents, examples, and articles to get their attention. Essentially, by having CEO profiles, your candidates will come to you, making your scouting job a whole lot easier.

Once millennials congregate around your operation leaders, you can take advantage by posting job openings, developments, and insider-tips for helping these candidates distinguish themselves from the competition. The result is a talent pool unlike any other.

Social media has developed immensely productive cross-channel currents for both Green Industry applicants and employers. As a business entity, you need to take advantage of these free tools, and cultivate an online community that will draw in your ideal job candidates. Follow these 3 tips, and you’ll be well on your way.