​How to use LinkedIn to apply for Jobs in the Horticulture Field

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social media network with 400 million daily active users and counting, presents those interested in jobs in the Horticulture field with cross-channel application and communication access never-before-seen in the job seeking process today. LinkedIn provides an easy-to-access place for users to manage their professional identity, build and engage with professional networks, and access knowledge, insights, and opportunities near and far.

LinkedIn is first and foremost a social media platform for showcasing your resume and professional skillsets and talents. Prospective employers and industry professionals search around LinkedIn daily for candidates that catch their eye. No longer do employers need to wait until an interview to get their hands on a paper resume copy. LinkedIn is that copy, and it shows even more than that by listing any articles you’ve posted, how many connections you’ve made, and what kind of activities are important to you.

It’s critical to put in an immense amount of time when drafting and publishing your LinkedIn profile. It’s just as important as your resume, if not more. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to start applying for dream jobs in the Green and Horticulture Industry.

To do that, first upgrade to the LinkedIn Premium account so you can message individuals you are not connected with. LinkedIn lets you test this out for a few weeks for free. Use those few weeks to your advantage, and message Upper Level Managers at all of your prospective operations. Be sure to individualize and customize each message you send out.

Additionally, be sure to follow these business’ LinkedIn accounts, and interact with any published articles or updates. Post thought-provoking comments and information you took away from the pieces. The writers will notice.

Lastly, connect with other people in your talent pool. Join LinkedIn groups for applicants in the Green Industry. Share your tips and insight with one another, deepen you connections, and use these new faces to make even more connections.

Repeat this cycle until you land that dream job. It will surely happen.