Four Reasons Working In Horticulture Is the Best Job In the World

Winston Gamache

Horticulture is the heart of humanity really, and working in it really connects you to the people who benefit from it. I myself have worked in both large and small scale commercial plant nurseries, studied agroecology and sustainable agriculture and have had my hand in helping maintain an educational botanical collection. Here are the top four reasons I believe that working in horticulture is the best job in the world. Hopefully this will open your eyes to what working in horticulture feels like and if you are already considering a career in horticulture hopefully it will seal the deal.

1. Balance. Horticulture, in practically every facet, is a near perfect balance of science and art. Even seemingly rigid jobs like tissue culturing and greenhouse cropping always has room for innovation and imagination. It is how progress is made, combining your knowledge and expertise with your inquisitive mind and creativity. It allows those involved some freedom of expression and often involves expertise that is just as much art as it is science. I find this balance is an important thing for me in life and is very rewarding.

2. A sense of purpose. Whether you are a seasoned arborist, a landscape artist or a crop breeder, the work you do has real life impact and you can see the results. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing what you are working on is making a difference. The products that we get from plants through our applications of horticulture are numerous and are essential in everyday life. Everything from the cotton in your t-shirt to the steak on your plate is due in some part to a horticulturist. Plants can be used for beauty, medicine and they are what feeds the world. Contributing to horticulture is directly benefitting the world you live in.

3. A feeling of being part of something bigger. Horticulture in its many forms is one of the oldest fields there is. I often get the feeling that I am continuing on tradition and also working towards a better future when I am working with plants. Whether it’s managing a botanical collection or providing plants for peoples home gardens, you are following in the footsteps of your predecessors while at the same time learning new things for yourself and adding your own personal touch.

4. It’s a labour of love. Chances are, if you made it into a horticulture based job, you have a love for plants. They say you never work a day in your life if you love the work you do. That is definitely true for horticulturist, who spend their days surrounded by or researching the plants they know and love. I personally find being around plants and caring or working for them to be very relaxing and I feel connected to them. I think a lot of other plant lovers would say the same. I also know that in providing plants for peoples home gardens, I am helping to spread that connection to nature and the relaxation that plants bring to one’s busy life.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons that working in horticulture is the best. The jobs are diverse and often quite dynamic and there is really something for everyone. Anyone who loves plants that is. Horticulture is a massive field and is simply defined as the study and practice of plants care and culture. This could mean developing new methods of pasture management, getting down and dirty with your own market garden, or working on breeding plants in the lab. If you haven’t already, consider a career in horticulture, I can guarantee its rewarding and the world will thank you for it.